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The Best AI SEO Tools of 2023: A User’s Guide

These best AI tools for SEO can help businesses rank higher with very little effort. SEO (search engine optimization) requires a lot of Strategies such as doing a lot of research on the competitors, fine-tuning targeted keywords that can drive and attract relevant traffic, and creating external and internal links that can make them navigate in and out of the website so that they find what they searching for at the same time with a very sophisticated optimisation of the page for faster loading.

AI could help us to make content more SEO optimized in a very short period with his artificial intelligence which is very important for a site’s success. We all know no matter how many resources we put on our site if they cannot be found by the search results then all the effort will be wasted. At the end of the day, we all write and contribute to our readers. 

One thing about SEO is that yes it takes time to show results but once it is done the right way the business can benefit for a very very long time so this is a marathon, not a sprint. In research, we have found on the website that blog titles and meta descriptions with the targeted keyword being placed the correct way gave a very good result on Google. At the same time maintaining a good quality content article or block post could keep its readers engaged with the website, which is what we all want.

Here are the best SEO tools that can help to automate and improve the organic ranking on Google 

Table of Contents

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO has been able to use artificial intelligence at its best by helping bloggers, writers and content marketers to come up with a much better strategy and also optimizing it in one place so that a good quality article can be written and a lot of traffic can be reached organically.

Over the years it has grown exponentially and is considered one of the best SEO AI tools out there because of Its easy-to-use interface and its tools to optimize articles with search engines. It has made the process very easy by gathering a lot of data from other sources to optimize the article. It also helps create content outline and it can carry out a check of how friendly the article is to the search engine. 

By using its keyword research tool other relevant Keywords can be placed within the article and also it can help to find out readers’ search intent and difficulty of the keywords. No doubt when it comes to on-page SEO surfer SEO has been one of the most popular tools among SEO professionals. It uses Natural Language Processing Technology to optimize its content.

surfer seo
Surfer SEO

Its Key Features:

Outline Builder: This feature will help to structure the content and create a complete layout relevant to the topic.

Topic Discovery: This feature helps to find new topics relevant to the article and also targets relevant keywords by showing you an indication of the keyword density and its backlink profile and natural language processing sentiment in the niche writing.

Content Score: This feature helps you by real-time scoring and comparing the quality with your competitors which is very easy to understand also it’s on the same page when you writing.

Other Features: It has also a built-in plagiarism checker to check its content originally. It also has a word count feature, shows tasks to improve content most importantly keyword placement guidelines to be on the search result.


Jasper is considered one of the top AI writing assistants with lots of amazing features and flexibility. What we love about Jesper is that all we had to give it the main keyword and then it generated all the relevant keywords we needed to place on our article. It was able to produce paragraphs according to the topic and we were also able to select the tone of the writing. In about 15 minutes it can generate around 1500 words of articles Which is very impressive.

It can produce effortlessly any website articles, social media posts and blog article paragraphs. It has more than 50 content-producing templates. You can also select the tone of your brand and customize the content according to your audience which is very impressive.


Here are some of its best features:

Writing styles: It has more than 2500 categories of writing styles that can be implemented in writing with  1100 fonts.

Writing Flexibility: This can be used for any shorter writing whether it is a short paragraph a very long article or social media post or an ebook yes can be used anywhere.

Brands Voice: It can be trained to convey the message and use artificial Intelligence to have a message that matches the brand tone and personality.

Integration & Language support: It works seamlessly with Surfer SEO for search engine optimization purposes, Grammarly for spelling and plagiarism to identify copied content and it supports 25 different languages.

Alli AI

Alli AI is a single-platform solution that can take care of SEO deployment, optimisation and automation all in one place. It is purposely built for using E-Commerce businesses and agencies on a bigger scale. 

The most appreciated advantage of using this AI is that it can be connected to the website as software and it will provide on-page SEO recommendations in real time on the site and it can be connected to any CMS.

Over the years it has helped many big and well-known companies to take their SEO to the next level efficiently and it has also been used by many SEO agencies around the world. 

It has enabled marketers to conduct SEO work in minutes without having any coding knowledge. We all know how time-consuming SEO tasks are but with this AI, automation can be used in meta tags, alt for images, link description and many other things.

Alli AI Best Features:

Automation: By embedding code into the web pages automation process can be done.

 Site Speed & Editing: It helps to speed up the site which is very crucial to keep the readers engaged with the site also contents can be edited in real time on the site. 

SEO reports and link building: Some of its very popular features would be optimising the content, doing analysis on the competitors, doing keyword Research and tracking and producing reports to see how effective are the efforts to make decisions to get the result

Finally, we all need content writing tools for SEO. Manual work is very slow and costly. The reason we discussed the best AI SEO software is so that our readers could use it in their writing. Out of all SEO writing tools we have found those three are the best. Surely AI has taken SEO to a whole new level. Surely these best AI tools for SEO will help reader from all walks of life to optimize their content to the next level.

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