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cost of thinkific

The Cost of Thinkific: Is It Worth the Investment?

When considering launching an online course, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is choosing the right platform. Thinkific is a popular choice for many course creators due to its user-friendly interface and robust features. However, understanding the costs associated with using Thinkific is crucial to determine if it fits your budget and business goals. In this article, we’ll break down the cost of Thinkific and help you decide if it’s a suitable investment for you.

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific provides multiple pricing categories to accommodate varying requirements and financial capacities. Here’s a detailed look at each plan:

1. Free Plan

Monthly cost: $0

 For those new to the game who like to try things out without committing any money, the Free Plan is incredible. It consists of:

  • Unlimited students
  • Limited courses
  • Simple surveys and quizzes
  • Hosting of content
  • Quick access to your money

While the Free Plan offers enough to get started, its limited features might not be sufficient as your business grows.

costs of thinkific
costs of thinkific

2. Basic Plan

Cost: $49 per month (or $39 per month if billed annually)

The Basic Plan is designed for creators ready to invest a bit more to access additional features, including

  • All Free Plan features
  • No limits on the number of students and courses
  • Email integrations with domains
  • Scheduled drip content with affiliate reporting

This plan provides more flexibility and professional tools to help grow your online course business.

cost of thinkific
cost of thinkific

3. Pro Plan

Cost: $99 per month (or $79 per month if billed annually)

The Pro Plan is one of Thinkific’s most popular choices, offering advanced features for serious course creators. It includes:

  • All Basic Plan features
  • Two site admin accounts
  • Five-course admins/authors
  • Advanced course pricing options (subscriptions, memberships)
  • Certificates of completion
  • Priority support

The Pro Plan is excellent for those who need more customization and additional support for scaling their business.

cost of thinkific
cost of thinkific

4. Premier Plan

Cost: $499 per month (or $399 per month if billed annually)

The Premier Plan is tailored for larger businesses and established educators. It offers:

  • All Pro Plan features
  • Five site admin accounts
  • 15 group analysts
  • 50 course admins/authors
  • Onboarding package with a customer success manager
  • Advanced integrations

This plan is best suited for organizations with extensive needs and a larger team.

cost of thinkific
cost of thinkific

Additional Costs to Consider

While the monthly subscription fees are the primary costs, there are a few additional expenses to keep in mind:

  • Custom Domain: If you want to use a custom domain, you’ll need to purchase one separately.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Some integrations or additional tools you might need could come with their costs.
  • Marketing and Sales Tools: The additional tools or services you need to invest in will depend on your marketing plan.

Is Thinkific Worth the Investment?

The value of Thinkific depends on your specific needs and goals. The Free or Basic plans offer a good starting point for those who are new to using cloud computing or have a tight budget. For those who are more serious about their online course business, the Pro or Premier plans offer comprehensive features that can significantly enhance your offerings and streamline your operations.

Thinkific’s pricing is competitive compared to other platforms, and its range of features can help you effectively create, market, and sell your courses. The plans’ scalability guarantees that you may begin small and expand as your company grows.


Making an informed choice requires having a thorough understanding of Thinkific‘s price and the features included in each plan. Thinkific offers adaptable and robust solutions to fit your demands, regardless of how big or tiny your online course business is. You may realize your dream of making lucrative and exciting online courses by making the appropriate financial investments.

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